Blimey! Twenty months!

Right, so it’s been a little longer than expected. I haven’t had a chance to even log on here let alone think about typing! Oaks older, I’m older…We’re all older. Hopefully a little wiser and still drinking enough water and eating healthy to offset the stresses of work and managing a toddler!
I don’t want to miss out the (almost) entire year that I have skipped on here but lets have a brief run down of the past 11 months.
Oak is now 614 days old and has changed. A lot.
Sarah has had a couple of pay rises and a promotion since going back to work and she is working three days.
I have had a promotion to Manager and I now have no time for my studies and less time to spend with Oak. I now work five days instead of four, but I still get home with enough time in the evening to do bath time and, for the moment be the only one that can settle him down for the night.
Oak has been teething for a few months and almost has a full set of pearly whites now. He loves having his teeth cleaned. He LOVES books. He has started loving bed time stories with me. He loves his mum!
He loves his food. He finds farting funny.

He has learnt that smiling like a loony gets the best reactions….so that’s his default for most people now. He loves singing. He loves dancing.

HE LOVES HIS BIKE. Can’t get off the bloody thing, not that I’m complaining, like father like son!

There are so many ways he has changed I can’t put them all into one blog post.

In other news we are about a month away from finally moving into a house we are buying in our village. I will definitely get round to adding that here when I can as it’s a big milestone for us.

Until then!


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