About me…

Hi there! My name is Will.


That is also a picture of our cat Obi (yes from Star Wars)

This is my wife Sarah


(You guessed it, that’s also a picture of Obi as well.)

This is our son Oak


 He is literally the best thing, ever.

Firstly, I am a father. Constantly learning, constantly observing. My goal is to be the best father I can be and share that journey as well as my knowledge with others.

I am currently studying towards a BSc in Health Sciences with the Open University and am working at distinction level. That degree broadly covers Physiology, Psychology, Epidemiology and Endocrinology. I also have a professional diploma as a clinical weight loss practitioner from the London Health Sciences Academy.

In my spare time I cut hair to pay the bills and will eventually look to work with children and parents in neonatal and paediatric care.

My wife an I are both Vegan for health and ethical reasons and plan to raise Oak with the same values. We both cycle and run as much as possible around the beautiful rolling hills of Kent and when I take part in events!