Forward thinking Fatherhood


Fatherhood is Strength. Fatherhood is Love.

Fatherhood is Tenderness. Fatherhood is Intimacy.

Fatherhood is Powerful.

It requires knowledge, compassion and patience in equal measure.

Yet people sometimes view a new father as the ‘backup’ to the mother, or their role is not quite as important. As a man, during  your wife or partners pregnancy you can feel left out and that you can’t build a bond with your unborn child because you (obviously) are not carrying it. To add to that, during your wife or partners labour and your Childs birth you can feel completely helpless while your wife or partner goes through the most amazing process that any human will experience.

I wanted to start this blog because for me none of these were the case and they shouldn’t be the case for any father. You can choose to be more. I chose into being a more involved father from the beginning (I put my son there after all!) I chose to bond with baby as soon as possible while he was still in the womb, I attending courses with and made sure to make personal time for my wife, I read books on becoming a father (we’ll get to that one) and I made certain that even if I didn’t get to deliver my baby, I would be right there at the business end when my wife brought my son into the world.

If this is what you want for yourself as an expecting father or a new father, and/or if this is what your wife or partner wants from you then please read and share in my thoughts. Feel free to make comments if it helps and ask me questions (no matter how ridiculous or gross!).

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