In the beginning…

Truth be told I have been waiting for my wife to finish writing her birth story. It is a good one, it is a calm start that gently simmers to happiness and never quite reaches a temperature too hot to touch. I cannot wait to read her experience that I saw and endured. So until then I thought I would get on with my first little post on here that takes us way back to when we first found out that we had created life.

It all started when Sarah got back from a weekend away with her mother. Apparently she had felt a few flutters and thing just ‘felt different’. A few weeks prior we had decided to start trying for a baby which was an exciting prospect for both of us. We both have pretty good, well paid jobs that we enjoy for the most part, we have great friends and it would mean less people asking us ‘So when are you guys going to start having a family?’. I had just started my degree in Health Sciences and Sarah had just signed up to a Charity Governance and Law course through work. Little did we know that getting pregnant was slightly easier than anticipated. Sarah had been on the pill for pretty much the previous ten years, so there was no cycle that she knew of for us to use as a marker for ‘trying’, but mother nature decreed that Sarah would never see her second period in her twenties.

So out came the batch of pregnancy tests from Amazon she had ordered a few weeks ago. I went downstairs to make some tea whilst Sarah did what needed to be done. A few minutes later and we were staring at a strong line and an incredibly faint line next to it. So we were a little questionable about what that had meant (not realising that a false positive is almost impossible …. a double line is a double line gents, regardless of how faint it is). Sarah had drunk quite a lot that day it turned out and the next morning, those two blue lines on that tiny strip of paper took us out of our neat little lives, span it round, screwed it up, unscrewed itself and gave itself back to us and said “There you go guys! Hope you didn’t have any plans in the next few months or years!”. Out went the cycling trip through Europe. Out went the other Holiday we had thought about. A degree and a course that began pretty much around Sarahs due date suddenly became quite the daunting prospect.

But, as it happened we were both pretty happy. There was definitely a baby in there, we were blessed. You do not really fully understand that your about to be parents. It’s not really something you can think about, it is such an obscure notion that you are going to have to have the patience, the understanding, the unending care, love and devotion of a parent. The unbelievably huge responsibility of raising the next generation of human. All you can think with that stupid grin on your face is ‘We are going to have a baby’. That was us. All stupid grins a kisses and cuddles and my wife feeling guilty for having a few glasses of wine on her weekend holiday. Now we had to go make an appointment and wait weeks before we could tell anyone! …



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